Automation for the Creative Services Industry Has Arrived.

A Transformation Long Overdue

Blackhouse Creative Consulting introduces an innovative and transformational concept to the Creative Services industry - HarmonXII Creative Automation Studio. HarmonXII specializes in Automated Workflow Solutions, optimized for the Creative Services industry. Much like a traditional Creative Agency employs a broad range of strategies to develop marketing campaigns specific to their client’s needs, HarmonXII creates Automation Solutions that unlock an organizations creative potential.

Connecting the Dots

Imagine being able to seamlessly integrate the workflow processes you go through on a daily basis. Imagine eliminating the repetition and tedium that break your creative rhythm. A process that takes 10 steps could be reduced to a click of the mouse. What takes two hours could be automated into a two minute process. This is the power of creative automation. We strive to connect the dots of your daily workflow to create a super highway of productivity and efficiency.

Featured Automation Solution

Introducing Sire by Blackhouse

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We curate and source the latest advancements  from the industry leaders to ensure the best possible automation strategy for your organization.  

Innovation Rooted in Fundamentals

Organization is the foundation of any effective automation system. We understand that creative individuals are most often not the most organized, so we develop intuitive organizational systems and employ methodologies that are scalable and sustainable.   

A Higher End Game

Our end game is a better creative product for your organization. The damaging effects of tedious and repetitive processes cannot be understated. No designer went through years of schooling and training for a career in “grunt work”. Humans are by nature creative beings. But creativity has to be developed and stimulated the same way the human body needs exercise for optimal health. When subjected to prolonged periods of creative stagnation, a de-conditioning can occur. This leads to job dissatisfaction, which leads to lower quality of work, and eventually leads to employee turn over. It’s this vicious cycle we seek to obliterate.  

Aligned Values

As a Creative Services professional you understand the value of ideas and strategy. You understand the importance of quality. It’s not enough to just execute and get things done. Things need to be done right. Every member of your team should be given the resources to apply their creative process to every project. But overwhelming and unfulfilling workloads prevent this from happening. We believe this necessary evil isn’t necessary after all.

The road to reaching to your
creative potential begins here.