Introducing Sire by Blackhouse.

Layout Automation System for Adobe InDesign

Developed by Designers.

Made for Modern Marketing.

Launched in May of 2018, Sire is an Automated Layout Assembly System for Adobe InDesign and macOS. Sire reformats marketing creative into virtually any type of display advertising format, right before your eyes, in a fraction of the time. Sire harnesses the automation power of the two most ubiquitous products in the Creative Services industry - allowing designers and organizations alike to reinvest valuable resources into areas of greater strategic importance.

Layout Assembly

Imagine a process that can generate your campaign’s print ads, social media graphics, web banners, digital displays, etc. all at once, at the correct specifications, and in a fraction of the time. Sire’s user friendly interface allows you to control settings such as width, height, color mode, units, bleed, margins, etc. for each item individually. Custom export options allow you to export deliverables to specific formats.

Responsive Frameworks

Sire's proprietary, marketing-focused frameworks negotiate layout elements the same way an experienced marketing designer would. Sire gives you the ability to specify exclusions for individual layouts - this means smaller layouts won't import the same amount of elements as larger layouts, and the framework will adjust itself to better suit the individual layout.

But these framework's aren't just driven blindly by algorithms, they've been specifically developed and curated by professionals with years of high level industry experience.

Easily Modify Produced Layouts

Sire produces fully editable InDesign files. After a layout has finished assembling, you can easily tweak or modify processed layouts like you would any other InDesign project. Sire also allows you to centralize your common assets throughout the production run. This means you can edit your linked asset once, and watch it update throughout the entire run.

User Friendly Interface

Sire's user friendly interface gives you the ability to control and customize a complex and powerful scripting engine with minimal effort. No scripting or coding experience is required. It's as easy as preparing your assets, loading them into the assigned regions, entering your specs, and generating.

Sustainable Frameworks

Sire's frameworks are not only responsive, they're also built for the long haul. Framework's can be easily "re-skinned" with different creative elements to maximize efficiency and ensure you're getting the most out of your investment.

Liberate Your Creativity

Sire is the latest weapon in the war on drudgery and Creative Deconditioning – the harmful effects of repetitive and mind-numbing work. Sire allows organizations to take back their resources and reallocate them strategically. It allows designers to develop creatively. Sire can be the difference between a culture that emphasizes just getting something done and a culture that emphasizes quality and strategy.

When / Where Will Sire be Available?

Sire is scheduled for limited beta release during the first half of 2019, through the Sire Early Adopter Program. If you’re interested in taking part in early release trials, please submit the form at the bottom of this page to receive more information.


Sire requires macOS 10.11 and Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2017 and above 

Who can benefit from Sire?

Sire is developed for Creative Agencies and In-House Creative Teams or any organizations that require re-formatting of Creative layouts on a large scale. 

Announcing the Sire Early Adopter Program

Blackhouse Creative Consulting is actively seeking strategic partnerships to assist in the testing of the Sire Layout Automation System. As a part of the Sire Early Adopter Program, you’ll have exclusive access to Sire and the opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback on features prior to wide release. Participants in the Sire Early Adopter Program will also benefit from dedicated personal support and training every step of the way.

The Sire Early Adopter Program is scheduled to begin during the first half of 2019.